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"Do not get into a fight if you can possibly avoid
it.  If you get in it, see it through.  Don't hit if it
is honorably possible to avoid hitting, but never
hit soft.  Don't hit a man if you can avoid it;
if you do hit him...put him to
Theodore Roosevelt
ARLINGTON, Texas - Arlington police have located an alleged
burglar who was shot by a homeowner early Friday morning. Police
said the man broke into a home on the 2000 block of Mill Creek
Drive at about 4 a.m. The homeowner said he heard a noise and
confronted the intruder, who was armed with a screwdriver.
The homeowner said he fired at the intruder several times with a gun,
hitting him at least twice before he ran off.
Officials said that before the residents woke up, the intruder had
piled up a number of items in the home.
Arlington police followed a trail of blood into a nearby wooded area
where they began searching for the man. Officers found the man a
few blocks away near Pioneer Parkway and Matlock Road.
The wounded man did not put up a fight with officers and was
transported to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.
His condition is not known.
(KXAS-TV 8:34 a.m. CST Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, 11/3/2006)

High school freshman Javaris Granger woke to the sound of his
mother’s frantic screams and ran to her aid, finding a man slamming
a bicycle against the front window in an attempt to break in. Granger
yelled at the man to leave while his mother called his father on the
phone. She handed him the phone and his father told him to get the
guns they used for target shooting and said, “Do what you have to
do.” When the intruder kicked in the door, Granger fired five shots,
and the man fled. A suspect was later apprehended by police and
taken to the hospital with two gunshot wounds. His extensive arrest
record included a charge of attacking a police officer the day before
he allegedly broke into Granger’s home. “My husband tried to get
everyone to learn the safety of a gun,” said Granger’s mother. “It
paid off.”
(Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 05/30/06)

With Houston police and canine units hot on his trail, a man ran from
the law through six yards, leaving broken wooden fences in his
wake, until he entered a private residence. Police say the suspect
made an “overt move toward his pocket and, fearing for his own
safety,” the homeowner shot him, wounding him. “He was just
somebody running from the police, over nothing, and he caused all
this trouble,” said a police sergeant.
(Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, 04/27/06)

It seemed odd, even a bit suspicious, when a man knocked on 81-
year-old Edna Songer’s door twice in one day, the first time claiming
to be looking for a dog and the second asking for a glass of water.
Police say that when the man returned for a third time, Songer
tucked away a .25-caliber pistol and went to the door, where she
saw the man and an accomplice jerking on her screen door until its
latch hook came out. Both men were dressed in camouflage and one
had a roll of duct tape. Songer shot through the screen door, causing
both men to flee the scene.
(Hugo Daily News, Hugo, OK, 05/19/06)

Mike Smith was napping when the sound of someone breaking into
his home jarred him back to consciousness. He clutched a .38-
caliber pistol with one hand and dialed 9-1-1 with the other.
According to reports, when he stepped into the hallway, he saw the
silhouette of a man through his window blinds and an alleged female
burglar in the foyer. When she stepped toward him, he gripped the
pistol with both hands and fired several shots. Both suspects fled.
The woman was apprehended by police and was taken to the
hospital, where she was listed in stable condition. Her male
accomplice was still being sought. “There’s no doubt that committing
burglary is extremely dangerous … because you don’t know … if
the homeowner is going to be armed,” said Sgt. Terrell Marshall of
the Sacramento Police Department.
(The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA, 05/13/06)

Police say that a youth broke into a gun collector’s home to steal
from his collection and found a gun, but not the way he intended.
The homeowner, a 78-year-old retired firefighter, heard a ruckus
and found the intruder in a rear bedroom. The youth hit the man with
a pair of pruning shears and ordered him around the house in search
of guns and cash. When his assailant went into another room, the
man grabbed a .38-caliber revolver and opened fire. The teen was
taken to the hospital, suffering from wounds to his arm, buttocks and
thigh. He was charged as a juvenile with attempted murder,
aggravated battery and home invasion.
(Daily Southtown, Tinley Park, IL, 05/25/06)

An ex-con with an already extensive criminal rap sheet allegedly
broke into a residence with a crowbar. Once inside, he grabbed an
additional weapon, a Samurai sword, off the wall and accosted two
men and a woman inside the house. The two men proceeded to flee
the residence. When the alleged burglar tried to rob the woman, a
concealed-carry permit holder, she drew a firearm and shot her
assailant, then ran from the house. The man was booked on charges
of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, robbery and other charges.
(Times-Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 04/28/06)
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