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"I would like to thank you for an informative and interesting class today.  
I've worked in Law Enforcement in the past and you taught some of the
same information, especially dealing with the Use of Force that officers
receive during their training.  It was a pleasure to have you as an instructor
and I will be glad to refer anyone who is interested in a CHL to take your
class.  It was professional and fun at the same time.  Thank you and your
staff for a job well done."
PATRICK - Ferris, TX

"My husband has wanted me to do this for years.  You made the class fun
and exciting.  I will be referring my girlfriends to you also."
MARY ELLEN - Houston, TX

"I wanted to thank you again for the superb class that you provided for
my wife and I the last two nights.  She and I both feel more comfortable
about the steps we are about to take for CHL license and are more at
ease now knowing more about the laws and regulations that come with
being a CHL holder.  Your class is well organized and structured to
ensure a successful outcome, and a little help from your wife sure goes
a long way.  Thank you again for your support and expertise."
MASON and CRYSTAL - Arlington, TX

"Your casual personal approach to the class and your fantastic sense of
humor made the class more enjoyable than any training class I have taken in
recent memory."
STEVE and CONNIE - Arlington, TX

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed our CHL
class today.  Thanks again for a great experience."
JIM - Mansfield, TX

"We all really appreciate that you came all the way to DC to get us
licensed.  Because you came out for our small group, we are putting
together a larger group for you soon.  You made the legal things easy to
understand, while stressing the importance of safety and protection as well.  
Thanks for all you do, and may you continually be blessed."
"PREACHER" - Washington, DC

"I will be recommending your class to anyone I know that asks about CHL
TONY - Mansfield, TX

"By the way, your class was a BLAST!!! Highly recommendable."
WILLY - Dallas, TX

"Thanks for an enjoyable experience!  You really know your stuff."
MARIA - Grand Prairie, TX

"Curtis, I wanted to thank you again for coming out and doing this private
class for me and my friends.  It was a great class and we really appreciate
ARTHUR - Ft. Worth, TX
"Real" Hairston Handgun CHL Student Testimonials
"Do not get into a fight if you can
possibly avoid it.  If you get in it,
see it through.  Don't hit if it is
honorably possible to avoid
hitting, but never hit soft.  Don't
hit a man if you can avoid it;
but if
you do hit him...put him to sleep.
               Theodore Roosevelt
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